Began in 1972 when our Founder’s Father, Joe Mack, continued the Mack family tradition of bar ownership with the purchase of The Knotty Pine Lounge, 714 W 115th ST, Chicago, IL 60628. Our Founder, Pam Mack was just 5 years old but had the weekend task of washing glasses at the bar and picking up parking lot trash for her allowance. Everyone in the Mack household worked and contributed to making the Knotty Pine thrive in its early years! As she matured those weekend tasks turned into weekly tasks of deejaying, bookkeeping, and marketing. Inventory, until it escalated to bartending once she was of age.

Pam loved the excitement of nightlife and the people who were patrons became extended family. She was destined to continue this legacy. After all her paternal grandmother managed a cafe she would frequent during her summer stays in Hayti Missouri. And her great Uncle Jimmy Mack owned the Main event, one of the most classy and popular clubs in Milwaukee Wisconsin, for over 50 years.

In 2016, there was a perfect storm, if you will, Pam began to get older and wiser, and her roles on television and radio could no longer compete with the dream to do what would make her Dad most proud. She loves her Dad and family and the old Knotty Pine as much as their old patrons.

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